Information for universities and seminar providers

Universities offering a master in (systems) engineering can be qualified and licensed as a level D/C trainer for the SE-ZERT® program. An equivalence to the international systems engineering can be shown by the university and the graduates are allowed to perform the level D or C test without any additional training. Only the practical experience according to the regulations of level C have to be fulfilled and the test fee has to be paid. This is applicable for technical academies too. The criteria to become a licensed trainer for universities are outlined here. [link zu Trainerqualification].

In case of missing systems engineering expertise for the SE modules, the GfSE can support the institute to fins a lecturer.

The university (institute) has to join the GfSE (German Chapter of INCOSE) as a corporate member.

The equivalence to the 9 modules and curriculum of level D/C has to be shown by a reference master course from the university. Additional courses might appear and some lectures might not be needed. It is not mandatory to have a 100% fit between the master and the curriculum of level C. A solution will be found during the qualification process. It is mandatory that the graduates have the knowledge and fulfill the requirements to ensure a successful test.

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